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Welcome to a word game that allows you to play the way you want to.

Play games with your friends, or engage in a lively global competition to rise through the ranks every season while facing more challenging players.

You can utilize powerful special items in creative ways to alter the board and give yourself an edge. This satisfying new breed of word puzzle game lets you take your time if you want to be more methodical, but will also reward players who like to play more quickly.

Welcome to word play, evolved!


Freedom of Wordplay

Use any letter you see, any way you want. Use boosts to match your style: you can favor short words quickly, or long words at a more leisurely pace. It’s your game.

Themed Passports

Use themed Passports to unlock an array of powerful items and unique cosmetics.

One Simple Price

Everyone is on a level playing field. Zero pay-to-win — only your skills versus your opponent’s.

Seamless Multiplayer

Matches happen instantly with people around your skill level, and you never have to wait to sneak in a quick game.

Merit-based Customization

Customize your avatar and nameplate however you like with the achievements you earn and the progress you unlock.

Challenge Your Friends

Engage in a friendly dual in moments. Invite your friends and see how they stack up.